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great post, eliza! these personal experience posts are the most compelling to me.

Thanks Enoch.

For every customer service story that actually gets told publicly, you can bet there are tons that people are only telling their friends and family! And people are more likely to tell negative experiences than positive!

i shared this story with a friend who felt that patients would always go with the group providing the best care. I'm not saying either of your choices was better or worse than another, but i did share with him that you went with the one with better sign-up service.

See, we can't know in advance who is going to actually have the best health care, can we? At least not the basic unsophisticated health consumer that I know (and count myself to be one of.) So we have to go by things like cost and customer service.

i love how you went with the better customer service... i used to work for Kaiser, heehee. I can say for a fact that PAMF provides better customer service than Kaiser, though. (disclosure, i'm a partner @ PAMF)

After my recent first doctor's visit experience, I'm inclined to agree.

But that's another post (in process.) :)

have you seen this other health care insurance blog? http://www.joepaduda.com/ he's in the biz.

I'll check him out, thanks.

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