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it sure does.

I just saw her today at Pilates. Her bill came in at $5000.

And get this: the restaurant is asking to see her ENTIRE medical record...like lifetime!! What's that about? Slight invasion of privacy, no?

Well, no . . .

If JB is asking someone else to pay her bill, don't you think they have a RIGHT to see medical records?

Put yourself in their shoes. If someone presented you with a $5k bill, wouldn't YOU want proof you were at fault?

BTW, at $5k for 4 days in (and out of) the hospital, plus an ambulance ride, she got off easy. It could have been 3-4x that amount depending on her level of care.

Nope. Don't agree. Her entire life's medical records? Maybe, MAYBE for her gatro-related issues. But they don't have a right to see if she's ever been pregnant or had an STD or battled depression etc. etc. etc.

(PS-I agree that I thought $5K sounded low. I wonder if she's gotten every bill yet.)

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