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Elisa--Thanks for your kind endorsement after reviewing my book. I'm thrilled that its most important features were so recognizable: simplicity, organization, empowerment, usefulness. I'm flattered that you invested "only a couple of hours" with it! :)

As you've pointed out in your other posts, today's health system does little to serve the individual; you're on your own. I'm in my 10th year of practice, and see a tremendous opportunity to connect patients with the information they need to make their best health decisions.

Alas, this is my first effort. You found a lot of deja vu because I knew most readers would use the book as a reference; I didn't want them to miss important information hidden in another chapter.

Regarding self-diagnosis: the good news is, that if your pain goes away with some simple treatments like OTC medications, heat and rest, it doesn't really matter if it was arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, or whatever. If it continues or recurs despite, then you deserve a proper evaluation and diagnosis. (what is it they say about a defendant representing himself in court...that he has an idiot for a lawyer?)

Thanks again for your support. Thanks also to Yvonne at WMEBooks for getting me out here in the blogosphere--I'm quite new to all this....it's fun.

You're welcome Stephanie...welcome to the world o' blogs :)

That lawyer analogy for self-diagnosis is pretty damn brilliant. Doubt most people would try to defend themselves in court, but you know they're on the Internet figuring out what every little symptom means!

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It is evident that you've got the pain in heritage.

This book is easy to read, even if you aren't in the medical field. I understood all of it. The illustrations definitely help, but Dr. Siegrist explains everything in plain English - with humor even!

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