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Just out of curiosity - have you ever tried prescription nasal sprays like Flonase? (There are several others including generics which I guinea pig tested at the University of Chicago - nothing like having a cute doc wash your nose out with giant tubes of saline!)

I've suffered from allergy hell since from before I can remember (apparently my parents had to stop taking me to my father's cricket games at Griffith park when I was a wee one, what with the grass, horses, hay, etc... all around.) Discovering nasal steroid sprays has been one of the greatest things ever in my life. My allergies are under control (although they've worsened since I've been back in California) and I don't have the groggy, disconnected feeling that every (including the ones that swear up and down they don't make you drowsy) antihistamine pill has given me.

Good luck - allergies are no joke and certainly no fun!

Sounds very romantic Wag :)

I think I did get a sample of Flonase at one point. I found them a little hard to get used to...especially being terminally congested.

I wonder if insurance covers Flonase (or even generics) when they don't voer the various daily pills? Does yours?

Yep - I've been on several different health care plans over the last ten years and, though I've had problems with coverage of various prescriptions, Flonase has never been one of them - it has always been covered.

It definitely takes some getting used to on the sprays. And, no they don't seem to inherently help with the congestion. Plus there are some not so pleasant side effects from irritating and drying out your nasal passages. But, if you stick with it for 2-3 weeks, the benefits do appear and, I find the congestion lessens during the day once you're well hopped up on the spray. Still a problem for me at night but, letting my 2 dogs sleep in the bed is a big no-no that I willingly suffer for.

Yes, well, this girl whose cat sleeps on her pillow is in no position to judge!

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