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Admittedly and unashamably biased, but also having witnessed quite a few changes in the health care delivery system covering longer than the run of American Bandstand.

A single payor system has been discussed for as long as I can remember. The ones in favor of it are usually those without private insurance (as opposed to taxpayer funded), and those who are paying most if not all of their health insurance premiums.

After all, if you can get "free" care from the government, why not?

For starters, it isn't free and it certainly isn't from the government.

Even the "free" Medicare system comes with deductibles, copays and a host of things that are not covered. So where does the government get the money to provide these things?

Well sure, they do own the printing presses, but the money originates in your pocket and mine. You work to earn money. The government takes their "vigorish" to provide "free" programs to the poor and needy.

Some of it filters down to you . . .

So how well do government sponsored programs work?

When was the last time anyone bragged on the IRS? Or the USPS?

OK, the USPS is really quasi-government but close enough to qualify.

If single payor systems are so great, why are Canadians coming south? It's not just to escape the cold. It seems those with money are willing to cross borders to access OUR medical system so they don't have to wait 3 years to have their gallbladder yanked out.

Here is a picture of what gummint provided healthcare might look like.

Take a number and move to the end of the line. No care for you today! Next! (Think soup-Nazi from the Seinfeld show).

That's all I am going to say for now. Next time I will let you know how I really feel . . .

OK, well I think anyone making blanket statements about government-run=bad is just someone with an agenda. If the government runs things so poorly why do all the the folks who want government out of everything because they suck at everything still want them to run our military and secure our nation...ostensibly the most important task there is? The government does plenty of things at all levels that go pretty smoothly compared to other countries.

Obviously I didn't write the post because I thought Cook had the right answer...but I just don't think government=bad is an actual, thoughtful response.

Some 40% of the U.S. population is currently covered by a bankrupt, mis-managed system that very few like. The medical providers curse the "red tape" and bemoan the low reimbursement levels, not to mention the "take my own sweet time in paying you" attitude.

Recipients of these programs, who pay nothing for their care frequently gripe about what is NOT covered and the fact they have to pay out of pocket.

Shifting to a single payor system of "free" care will only tax an industry that is already bleeding financially and, in many areas, understaffed.

That being said, here is a link about what is considered the best free health care in the world.


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