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I mean it won't help you so much to have a $5K deductible for your health insurance that's designed for a "catastrophic" occurrence...and then you have that catastrophe and coming up with the $5K is impossible.

Which is easier to come up with? $50,000 or $5,000? Is it better to have no insurance and incur a $50,000 (or higher) debt or have the majority of your claim paid, leaving you with an out of pocket equal to the price of a very inexpensive used car?

Those who say they can't "afford" a high deductible are in denial. The truth is they choose not to.

My point was merely that going for that kind of plan is more beneficial when you actually use the money you're not paying on premiums to good effect...including saving some of it for that rainy catastrophic day.

For example, I got an interest-only first mortgage, saved money on my payments and am using that money to pay down my higher interest variable-rate second,

Which is better financially, long-term, then taking that extra money and spending it on shoes.

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