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July 23, 2005


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Hi. Came here via Pharyngula. My son was jaundiced for several weeks after birth. We're Chinese and it's quite common in Asians. You may already know that there is some evidence that bilirubin acts as an antioxidant in the brain. Usually, jaundice isn't something to stress over esp. in exclusively breastfed babies. That didn't stop me from crying my eyes out when the doc confirmed that our newborn was "yellow". :P

Right, you know it's not "serious", but still it's something.

Yeah, I think that's funny how they call 'em right to the parents' face a "yellow baby."

Also here via Pharyngula. You know how when people don't know the gender of the baby they buy yellow baby clothes? Well, my mum was quite disturbed because my brother was fairly jaundiced and matched his yellow baby clothes a bit too well :)

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