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I doubt Lance has that much say in how his image is used, and doubt that anyone at Nike cares. I'm certainly no fan of Nike, given they've fought in court to have the right to lie and decieve their shareholders with false statements about their business practices...

However, the "Just Do It" tagline is brilliant, preying on consumers' egos, especially their anti-intellectualism and desire for independence. I don't agree with thier ethics, but their marketing has been incredibly successful.

I thought the ad was brilliant. IMHO the first poster is missing the point. I believe the point of the ad is to remind the rest of sleepy heads/too busy/whatever-excuse-you-might-have's that going out and 'doing it' for most of us is pretty easy, and there are people like Lance who have to overcome more than most of us just to survive, let alone 'do it'. Every time I see the ad or merely think of it it moves me.

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