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I got the same email from Matthew when it was my turn. I also fixed it just in time for the GR. Your template mow looks good in IE, Mozilla, and Opera.

Well, now it looks super in IE, but in Firefor your title is missing. The big purple section is there, but there is no type within.

I'm using Firefox in Windows XP and I can see the title. Everything looks good to me. Looking forward to Grand Rounds!

Well, now it looks fine. Good work!

Thanks all!

Apparently this is rocket science :)

Viewing with Firefox 1.0.5 AND Safari 1.3 (v312) in OS X 10.3.9

Don't get the title images in either, sorry to report :-(

Viewing from Australia - and this soitanly ain't a disaster like Katrina - my thoughts for all who have lost.

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