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I had two VBACs... both at home.

I wasn't scared. I read up on the data, even going to the sources -the medical journals, even though I'm a physics person, not a med person- and carefully checked things out. My reading of the data showed that the risk of UR was low and even lower if the woman was not induced and had not pit during labour.

I honestly was more afraid of a repeat surgery than of UR.

I chose a VBAC for various reasons: first, I do believe it to be safer for both mom and baby. I also had some issues after my c-section, namely no feeling in my stomach from my belly button to the c/s scar: I'm left with a creeyp crawly feeling when I touch my belly (sorry for the non technical description, I can't describe it any better). I didn't want to risk that becoming worse. I detested being in the hospital. I also strongly felt that I'd been betrayed by my caregivers -CNMs- who'd talked me into an induction I didn't want when my body was obviously not ready.

In addition to choosing a VBAC, I decided on a homebirth. I'm a fat woman with absolutely no health issues yet I felt that just my weight would make a differnce in my chances for a hospital VBAC. I choose a good, competant midwife. I don't life too far from a hospital in case of a serious issues.

Again, I weighed all the risks I could and decided that a VBAC at home was the best course for me.

How was it? Wonderful. Just incredible. My first labour had been 30 hours of going nowhere, painful back labour, premature urge to push, two epidurals that didn't do anything but cause my blood pressure to drop even further. My first VBAC was intense. It went faster than anyone had thought and my son was born at home, delivered by his father, with my doula relayed instructions from the midwife over the phone.... My second was more peaceful, though fast, less than 3 hours from start to finish. The baby had some problems, un-related to the VBAC, but probably related to how late she was, and we did transport to the hospital later in the day.

My feeling is that if the woman wants one, VBAC should certainly be encouraged, though it's getting harder and harder to find an OB who will "let" you do it.

Thanks for sharing your story. That's really unfortunate about the lack of feeling in your stomach you describe. Sounds really weird.

And I'm so glad it went so well for you. Congratulations!

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