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Well..also that garment we all love to hate - the hospital johnny..made from cotton, not organic cotton...traditional cotton uses the highest number of chemicals during growth than any other fabric, and it's the largest transmitter of pathogens (*study VCU using white cotton lab coats). The World Health Organization stated the chemicals used on growing traditional cotton attribute to over 20,000 deaths annually in developing countries...oh and yes, the residual chemicals left on the garments - they can transmit to your skin.

I understand the reasoning behind the choices of cotton and polyester - they're the least expensive to produce, but if we're going to move toward more eco-friendly products/medical supplies than other fibers such as TENCEL(r) and organic cotton need to be considered.

I have never actually thought about how much waste a hospital must go through. I guess it makes sense that many items can only be used once and then must be discarded, and when you add the packaging into consideration it becomes quite large. I never thought about eco-friendly medical supplies. It seems like a very good idea.

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