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My belief is that it's the right of the individual to commit suicide if she so chooses. It appears from the way that post is written that the online group didn't encourage her actions, only confirmed a method...and if they hadn't confirmed it, a few Google hits would have.

I am certain I believe in suicide and assisted suicide for those who are physically ill. I have trouble feeling so certain about people who aren't...simply because there are usually so many other people it impacts.

Would you help the parent of 2 small children, for example, commit suicide? I can't imagine doing so.

Despite being a depressive myself, I still think this comes under individual responsibility for the "speaker" -- but that doesn't mean I can't judge that speech. The most important facts about depression w.r.t. suicide are:

(1) Depression is eminently treatable, and usually temporary. Even chronic depressions tend to be episodic.

(2) Someone in the midst of a depressive episode is non compos mentis, with impaired judgement.

Most depressives get some protection from their suicidal tendencies, via lethargy and indecision. If they are nevertheless capable of "going through with it" on their own, there's not much a bystander can do to stop them. To assist or encourage them, however, is to ally yourself with insanity, and I call that evil.

Thank you for your comment. I tend to agree with you.

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