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Hello, I have some comments on the just being a little too late.
My 44 yr old brother in law died Oct 24th unexpectedly of a heart attack in bed. His 10 yr old daughter went to snuggle with him that AM before school and said he was 'making noises' so she went back to her room. When my sister asked why she was there, she told my sister her Dad was making noises. My sister did not check on him for approx 10-15 min, thinking he was only snoring. Well, when she opened the door, he was half in bed, half in the floor.
My niece looked at me with her beautiful greish-blue eyes and said "do you think if I'd told my Mom about the noises sooner, my Daddy would still be alive?" Talk about the guilts. I told her no, that if he was meant to be alive, God would have seen to it he would still be here.
I have to wonder what goes thru her little mind anymore. She rarely talks about it and she doesn't want to look at his picture. I hurt for her and my sister and nephew.

Oh, that is the saddest story! And I'm sure there are many of us who have similar "what if"s haunting us. But so unfair for a 10-year-old to already have a big one like that. I hope she is OK.

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