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Merry Christmas, Elisa!

Just a quick comment re: your friend with cardiac issues.

Obviously, I don't know the full story, but based on your post I think he's premature in giving up on obtaining coverage.

He needs to connect with a professional, independent agent (in his area). There are a number of solid carriers that will underwrite most cardiac conditions.

True, he'll pay more than his peers who do not have such a history, but I seriously doubt that he'll find the premiums onerous.

BTW, still working on your musician friend; just taking some time off at the holidays.

Happy New Year!

Thanks Hank, you always come through. (Now, will you go comment on my post that asks whether men talk about health and caretaking issues when they;re in groups?)

I will pass your comment along to my friend. I know he talked to at least one broker, but just like in any other profession, there are good ones and bad ones!

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