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Sparkpeople is better than Nutrihand, good choice.

I hope you get some guys in here to give feedback on this topic. It's something I've wondered about and struggled with for YEARS.

Thanks for the comment (and weighing in on SparkPeople vs. Nutrihand) Denise.

I hope some of you guys give feedbac to.

Hank...how about you start?

Do men's conversations gravitate to health too?


(Unless it's about about the status of a quarterback/pitcher/center)

That help? ;-)

Much as I suspected, yes. :)

I figured, given your current health, that you could use a smile.

The more serious answer is somewhat more complicated (what, from me you expected simple?):

In groups, men tend not to discuss personal matters much, if at all. One on one, though, the dynamic changes, and we're more comfortable discussing such personal subjects as health. And we're also okay discussing the health of others, in almost any circumstance.

We do not discuss "relationships."



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