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Sorry to hear that you're under the weather. I concur in your decision to eschew "Airborne," etc.

But green tea?

No, you need freshly made, warm (to slightly hot) chicken soup. I am *not* kidding: grab whatever chicken you have in the freezer (don't we all have bags of boneless, skinless, tasteless chicken breasts in there?) or, better yet, wings. Toss 'em in a large pot, fill with COLD water, throw in some peeled garlic cloves (and maybe a few carrots and onions), and bring to a SIMMER (do NOT boil) for a few hours. Set aside to cool, strain, and grab a cuppa. (My kids prefer this with some of those little star noodles or rice, but I'm a purist).

I guarantee you, you'll feel better VERY quickly. Plus, it makes the house smell great.

Get busy! ;-)

Aw, thanks Hank.

But I am a long-time vegetarian.

I will give your recipe to my S.O., though, and if he wants to try it, he's more than welcome...as long as he cooks the meat and cleans the pot :)

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