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There is nothing wrong with men and women having cosmetic surgery it makes you look better, feel better and if it helps to get or keep a job then that is fantastic and a money worth spending.

One of the worrying aspects about all this surgery "culture" is that the majority of patients are women -women who are more and more being pressured into having things done at a younger and younger age - the more women that have it done, the more women feel they need it doing - 12 year old girls and younger, planning boob jobs? This cannot be right surely? It's not just about being thin anymore, or keeping up with the latest fashions -every peice of our bodies is held up to microscopic scrutiny and expected to be perfect,now even our genitals are not safe (a lot of this is down to the saturation in culture of porn but that's another essay) - this over-scrutinizing and expectation of perfection in women is putting them under more enormous pressure than ever, (financial as well as psychological- how are we supposed to emulate the over-surgically corrected celebs when we are normal people with non-celeb bank accounts), and many woman are at breaking point. Let others have their surgery, but don't shove it in everyone else's face and tell them (not by words necessarily, but by media and culture) that there is no place for people who choose to accept their age and/or their "imperfections", and to make out that they are freaks because they have not "conformed" to some impossible goal of "perfection" . This whole "surgery can fix everything", and it's "quick fix to make perfect" ethos has just gone too far - and as I said, it's women who bear most of the pressure. Dare to not have surgery! Dare to be yourself no matter how much you think you look imperfect by comparison It doesn't solve everything by any means, and a lot of the downside is not talked about.

I hear you Daisy. Sometimes I do fantasize about the quick fix of lipo vs. the actual work of exercise.

But ever since I saw that X-Files episode set in a plastic surgery clinic, I've been strangely turned off the idea!

So, culture and media can work its magic in the other direction, if only it would try.

Plastic surgery... I think we need more education in this topics. Sometimes the world offers us more than we realy need, but sometimes it´s realy helpful... education, think before choose.

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