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Come on over and visit- I have a link to the Hope Foundation of Alberta, which wants to study and quantify the efficacy of hope, and who urge us to make a hope kit for those days we have none-------I am NOT kidding. They talk about Hope Deficits etc. Ialso am researching whether Pain Clinics are cult like, and bitching about insurance companies that lean more towards using naturopathic medicines thatn paying for more expensive MEDICAL treatments. I rant and rave- but this psychological link to illness maddens me. It is being called Psychonueroimmunology by those who want it to sound important so they can do cheap research.

I hope you don't mind, but I am incensed when people and organizations do not use their heads,. A relative who may have cancer told me yesterday that if it is confirmed they will search out natural methods.....I nearly reached through the phone and popped them one.

If my link does not work cause I screwed it up, let me know if you want any info on my email.

Impatient (and Pissed Off)Patient

Thanks for the link impatientpatient :) I will be checking you out!

hi...i just wanted to say that i agree with the state of emotion where healing is possible and the enegy with whether your happy or sad whether or not your condition gets better or worse

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