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hi, how do you clean off the transdermal cream? it builds up after a few days, but my cat can't stand for me to clean his ear flaps every day...

Hi Marianne: Maybe you're putting too much on? The amounts I was putting on my cat's ears did not create build-up like that. It seemed to soak in and be absorbed pretty completely.

This includes cleansers, dish soap, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, antifreeze, plants, etc. Keep all poisonous items out of reach, either in a locked cabinet or in an area your pet is not allowed, such as the garage or the basement. If you have a plant that is poisonous to your pet, consider getting something else instead. Even if it’ s up high your cat can still get to it if he’ s determined enough. For a list of poisonous plants, click here.

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