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Think that'll work?


Believe it or not, the most effective method is counter-intuitive: keep nagging.

At the ripe old age of 45, after 5 years of (consistent but not constant) nudging from "she who must be obeyed," I finally took the plunge and had a complete physical.

It is NOT about the money: our insurance covered most of it; my OOP was (IIRC) something like $100.

It's really about (you should pardon the expression) "don't ask, don't tell." That is, the X chromosome has an inherent belief that it is invincible, unless and until we are told otherwise.

Sad, but true.


(Preview is my friend)

"the X chromosome" should be "the Y chromosome."


I can never keep straight which chromosome is which anyway. Yes, the article does mention that aspect...if a man doesn't know something's wrong he assumes everything's right.

Consistent but not constant nagging it is then!

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