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March 21, 2006


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Fantastic job!

Wow! You're quick Barbados Butterfly :)

Thanks, Elisa, great job.

Thanks for noticing the first couple paragraphs. Most of my fan club were blinded by the second half. But I'm not sure I'd characterize the piece as an anti-ED diatribe. I've already written a couple of those, here and here.



WOW! This is really something! There are many, many blogs here that are new to me...It's 0444 and when I get up at noon, it's coffee and Grand Rounds time!

Excellent job!

Thanks so much for the wonderful work you did on Grand Rounds! I loved the Frankenstein!!
Cheers from
The Nurse Practitioner's Place

Elisa - I think this may be the best GR yet. I can only imagine how much time went into this effort, and it SHOWS.

I especially appreciate your own analyses of each post. Made each one feel special.

Thank you for an outstanding GR!

That is quite an impressive collection. I can see the day quickly approaching when an index will be necessary to navigate the variety of topics discussed in just medical blogs. Grand Rounds and tags help but I think at this pace of growth a master list of categories and topics is evolving for this community.

We're witnessing the birth of a new type of complex-adaptive system. E Pluribus Unum.

Thanks for all the hard work. Awesome job.

Wow... I am already late for work!!! Thanks for the excellent job!

Hey Elisa,
WOW!! Fantastic job. I can't imagine how many hours you put into this one.

And great meeting you, btw.

Great work!

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