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Send your kid to school with lunch. It'll taste better, be better for him/her, and be cheaper.



Personally I think that the districts just dont want to share the money. They would rather you spend in the cafetaria. Most cafeterias have fat laden foods. Lots of starches.

I think schools should stay out of my kid's lunch. I cant tell you how many times my son was frowned upon because of the lunch I packed for him - apples and peanut butter, carrots and a 100% juice box. If it's not some kind of processed food on white bread, it must not be lunch.
At the same time, if he was recovering from an asthma-related incident I wanted him to drink at least 2 cokes a day, for the caffiene. But soda, for any reason, is also the bogeyman.
These same judgemental people are serving a school lunch of meat and cheese tacos with a juice box (10% juice).
Give me a break.
I realize there are parents who dont know how/what to feed their kids but educating them is a much better choice than these crazy decisions schools make.

Give to your child a Healthy HOME-made snack!

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