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Hey Elisa,
Great post, thank you!

We should note that technically, both types of diabetes have genetic factors behind them, although Type 2 (the much more common type) is preventable and treatable via lifestyle changes -- whereas Type 1 diabetes (the auto-immune kind) most certainly is not.

Informative post. The differences in etiology is but one of many elements which distinguish the different diabetes types which too many see as one condition, but the reality of blaming the patient for both their condition, and any complications that result is far too prevalent in our society. Ironically, the same types of judgements could theoretically be made on patients with, for example, heart disease, but for some reason isn't. Why do people feel it is appropriate to blame patients for diabetes but not heart attacks? A double standard?

Lung cancer is another dx that gets blamed on the victim. Ditto for HIV. And just look at how the poor get blamed for being poor.

The mantra of personal responsibility is all well and good, but it's way too simplistic.

I think there is a certain American ethic of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and actively shaping your own life successes. We like to think we're in control, when in reality we can only control certain things some of the time.
For some people, the coping strategy for dealing with this uncertainty is to blame the victim for poor choices... choices which *they* of course would *never* make (being sarcastic here).

I see a fair amount of this attitude on some of the physician blogs and I have to say it disturbs me. :(

why were you lot wasting your time there when Argentina were playing Mexico at the same time?

here's who made the comment directed towards Amy. I let him know your concerns:
James Littlejohn

Thanks Enoch.

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