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I'm so glad to read your message. This is the same group that bought out PacifiCare/ Secure Horizons, also a "for profit" Medicare provider.
I've had Kaiser, at work then "graduated" to Kaiser Medicare.They raised rates so I went to Blue Shield. I had a doc who was not in a group, I wanted better.
Went to SCAN, a "Social HMO" (non-profit) lowest rates but the worst hospital around.
Tried Secure Horizons, the biggest available, friends like it.
If you don't have a problem, they are fine. Have an ordinary generic perscription, need a simple exam, easy blood test, no hassles. Costs a bit more, but I take good care of myself.
Then, problems! Prolonged illness, facing unavoidable hospitalization, specialized medicines, big deductions to pay, "donut hole" costs for drugs.
BUT, it's time to see what the new year changes are. Worse!
I've been biding my time checking all the plans, and what will happen now that Secure Horizons has a new owner.
I've changed back to Blue Shield, lower co-pay, no "donut hole" perscription costs, etc. A good dr. group and hospital. I'm fortunate to live where the HMO plans have lots of competition, so there are lots of choices. For now.
Planning the new doctors are willing to do the right thing, not just put me off until I'm suffering and demand help.

Wow you've been around! I hope this last option sticks for a while...as you said: it sounds good...for now.

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