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Justen let the public know precisely what steps he took at the same time he sent the email. Check out the paper trail yourself at http://www.fixkp.org

Back when Kaiser tried to frame me as a hacker, a number of area bloggers in the area also jumped to conclusions based on stereotypes instead of looking into the story. Their thoughtless actions made things a lot more difficult for me. Today I've met some of them in person, though it didn't seem they remembered what they did to me. I remember, though.

The point is, you may meet Justen at sometime in the future, and it's possible that he will remember how you depicted him. After all, I've met you.

Ps. From my own experience, the Chronicle is a terrible source for Kaiser matters.

I'm well aware that blogging is public, thanks :)

Thanks for the link to Justen's site, and of course the Chron should have included it in their story if they knew about it!

I wish Justen had included the text of his mass email to KP employees on his site along with everything else. His emails to the AG and Board do make him a whistleblower, in there is indeed something to blow a whistle on.

His use of company email to spam 180K employees, not so much. And I'm sure he knew that was a risky move bound to get him in trouble...and without the protections that his letter to the AG probably benefitted from.

JMHO. As is the entire blog post.

Thanks again for Justen's link. I'm very curious to see how this all plays out. I am a Kaiser patient, after all!

I hope the paper trail makes Justen a whistleblower. However press coverage can exclude people from whistleblower protection even if they didn't initiate that press coverage.

Also, Justen didn't "spam" 180,000 employees. He did send individual emails to a lot of employees (no one, including him, knows how many) - but those emails were then shared and forwarded. The "spam" story is another lie told by corporate PR hacks, promulgated by the media, and taken for granted by unsuspecting bloggers.

But even if Justen had been able to use some broadcast email function, why should that platform be barred from him? Kaiser "spams" its employees with cheesy, useless emails every day. I don't see why the corporate bigwigs have any more right to a bullhorn - especially when they use it to lie, and the employee in question is trying to do what everyone wishes Enron employees would have done earlier. Let's not be hypocrites.

Your comments really make me wonder why Justen doesn't defend himself more on his site. I don't think this is the time for him to take the "high road" and not counter lies in the media or from KP PR/Legal.

Although perhaps he has his own attorney at this point giving him advice on how to protect himself. I hope so.

I don't know if he has an attorney or not, but he's not being secretive. He's talked to some reporters and other bloggers. I've been talking to him, and HISTalk is going to publish some sort of interview with him in a few minutes:

Again speaking from my own experience, it's very hard to speak for yourself in this sort of situation. It comes off as more of a "personal problem" or a rant. If the issue is mediated by someone else, then it has some validation and can be presented as something of concern to other people.

Thanks again for all of the updates, gadfly...I'll be looking for that interview.

I worked at KP. Nobody can send mass emails to all employees. This is a known fact.

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