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Hi Elisa,
Man, I was very sorry to miss this event! Was invited to speak, but as I'm (also) on the West Coast and swamped at the moment, a no-go.

Sounds like a great deal with all the docs. Would love to hear more about what you learned :)

Hey Amy, too bad you weren't there...although you were cited as one of the three top medbloggers (a question that was repeatedly asked, and that most responders deflected.)

I learned that whenever we step outside our intensely bloggy Silicon Valley existence we will find companies and professionals who are very curious about social media, but still very afraid of it.

And we tend to feed into it by talking about scary mean bloggers a lot. By the end of my panel I had to point out that many many bloggers seek to do good and to help others...and I think it's particularly true in the medblogosphere.

Then I checked my ego feeds and found a post where someone called me names and made fun of me...smack!! There's a lesson there somewhere.

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