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Right On! Wear the RED! Heart disease is not a joke, and it can happen to anyone, not just those whom are unhealthy. It's surprising who is afflicted sometimes. Thanks for raising awareness!

Vitals.com is helping the cause. Vitals is “Going Red” in February at http://www.vitals.com/focus/heart to support American Heart Month and promote the simple steps that Americans can take to improve their heart health through early detection and living well.As prevention takes center stage in the fight against heart disease, Vitals is the easiest way for consumers to access information on top specialists in their area free of charge, in order to quickly get checked out and seek the medical attention they need. Vitals features all of the critical information necessary for consumers to find the right doctor for them, including empirical information, peer review recommendations and
patient feedback, compiled into one central, all-inclusive database.Consumers can also use Vitals to check-up on their current doctors, including cardiologists and internists.

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