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So far, I'm unimpressed. For content, I still go to WebMd or Medscape, depending on how indepth I need the content to be. Or I'll hit the NIH or track down the specific study mentioned in a WebMD or Medscape article.

Revolution doesn't have the depth of content that WebMD or Medscape has.

And if I want to hear from real people, I won't go to Revolution either. They don't have it, their blogs just don't do it for me and believe me - as BlogHer Health & Wellness CE I look almost every week to find a blog from that site that I can link to. I've only found one. Just one. And I don't even like it that much.

Unimpressed. Completely unimpressed.

Pretty damning, coming from you Denise! I'm curious if you've tried Healthline at all...there are several folks from the blog world involved with Healthline.

Personally I still tend to Google everything first...how old school am I?

Hi all. I work at Revolution Health and want to thank you for your comments. We’re working hard to build a site that comes to mind as a safe, honest and authoritative source for health issues, and we’re the ONLY website where you can read content from MayoClinic, Cleveland Clinic and Harvard Health Publications – all in one place.

More importantly however, we don’t want to be “just a portal.” We want Revolution Health to become a community hub of people collaboratively building content and tools that improve the access and experience of our health care system. One example is our new Health Pages tool (in beta), which is a wiki style application where users can collaborate on or create pages for any health topic.

Please keep the comments coming. We’re just getting started and your thoughts will help us make the site an even stronger community resource.

I find Healthline to be interesting but not usually all that helpful when it comes to researching my health issues or those of friends/family.

I like to see what others have decided is important, that's valuable to me personally (because I'm a geek that way) and professionally because, well it just is... :-)

Good discussion.
I think what Revolutionhealth is trying to do is commendable. Maybe they're not there yet, but it takes a long time to create a trustworthy, comprehensive health portal, and they've just started. I helped start Spine-health.com (7 years ago - time flies!) and am constantly amazed at how challenging it is to produce and publish really helpful health information. Philosophically, more large health portals will mean increased competition, which in turn should raise the bar and ultimately better serve (educate, support, help) the patient.

Thanks for commenting Lori, I can appreciate that you guys are still brand new. It's natural for folks to expect more right out of the gate from a funded company, you just won't be cut that grass roots slack!

Stephanie: I hear you on how long it takes to ramp, and moreover how much constant attention it takes to maintain a healthy, active, vibrant community. I hope you're right about the competitive aspect. I get a little afraid of consolidation...and subsequent lack of innovation. I guess it's a little easier for folks to enter and stay in the online market than in hardware or software, though.

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