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I wasn't aware that Delta Dental had this issue probably because I've always used Delta Dental when it was offered. Heh. But BCBS - interesting isn't it. I think it's a big business showing you who is boss sort of thing, they want as much info on everyone as they can get because the know eventually everyone is going to end up with BCBS eventually. It seems unavoidable. ;-)

Resistance is futile, eh?

So, I'm in HR also...a clarifying question for you. Is Blue Cross the only option you have or are there other providers that are offered and you still have to fill out the Blue Cross even if you choose, say Aetna?

The reason I ask is that it is not uncommon for you to have to sign something saying you are declining coverage. Companies get sued all the time because people claim they were never offered the coverage. If there is only option and you are declining it, it is a CYA thing on someone's part. Doesn't make it any less intrusive, just more understandable (to me, anyway...in HR you have to jump through a lot of hoops just to CYA against law suits from sue happy employees).

Sorry your comment got buried amongst the many spam comments this blog gets every day, Kris!

To answer your question, we're offering Kaiser and Blue Cross, and they made the folks who signed up for Kaiser (in addition to the folks who chose to stay on a spouse's coverage) fill out the form.

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