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Since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January at the age of 33, I've had more mammograms then I care to admit.

It frustrates me that insurance companies don't pay for baseline mamos until 40. It took me finding a lump the size of a big marble before I could get anything seriously looked at. I wasn't "old" or post-menopausal, so I wasn't suppose to have cancer.

I am glad you are in the clear. Keep up on the annual pictures, and stay healthy!

I'm sorry to hear both about your diagnosis, and that it took so long for you to be taken seriously!

I may not be remembering properly, but i feel like my doctor prescribed a baseline at 35 and that it was covered. But I know rules have changed a lot in those intervening 8 years. they don't even pay for annual pap smears or mammograms anymore, i think. I think my annual ones only get covered because I have this spot they're tracking.

It's all a numbers game, apparently, and woe to you if youa re statistically unusual.

What is a baseline mamogram ? I haven't heard of it before so am not sure if I have had one or not ? Is it typical protocol at most hospitals to do at around age 40 ? Is this a question I should ask my healthcare professional ?

A baseline is one they take at a relatively young age, before most cancers appear. Then when they start taking them again regularly, they have something to com are to.

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