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That's horrible and nothing more than an example of ageism. It could be argued that people at least have some control over their own behavior like smoking, drinking and weight - but you can't control getting older.

And what are they defining as elderly anyway?

I used to watch Logan's Run all the time way back when. Maybe its time someone do a remake of it?

Creepy? Yes. True? Well, that's going to take a few hours of debate and still no real conclusion. If you're a logical person, you might think that the doctors are just being practical. But at the same time, the patient is still alive. We're not talking about a dying person here either. Even logical people ought to think about this deeper. Everybody should be given a chance. Didn't Obama and Clinton have differing views on universal health care? The difference lies in Obama recognizing why people can't afford health care to begin with.

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