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If I'm being honest, I would probably wait a couple more weeks and see if things improve. In college I would get a cold every winter that produced hacking coughs, fading into dry coughs, and lasted over a month.

Now they usually aren't that bad, but colds do still just linger with me, always at least a couple of weeks. If I'm not hacking up blood or unable to walk, I tend to wait for it to go away rather than go to the doctor.

I don't know if this is good medical advice, but you did request honesty!

Yes, thank you for your honesty :)

And I'm like you, in case you hadn't guessed. I tend to avoid the doctor.

Except, oddly enough, that I'm absolutely religious about getting my annual exam, complete with mammogram.

I used to 'tough it out,' suffer for weeks and hope whatever the problem is will go away. One day, a friend said, "Why suffer? We only go through life once so get the most out of it." Now, if whatever the problem is doesn't seem to be getting better (track the trend) in 4-5 days, I call my doctor's office and ask for advice. Or I search the web (dangerous -- you might get the 'intern's disease' where the worst possible diagnosis is described for the most ordinary symptoms) or I ask a friend who has medical knowledge.

So, do you have health insurance that subsidizes office visits? Does your doctor have a nurse on call? Do you have a friend who is a nurse of a doctor?

Emergency rooms are required by law to treat all commers regardless of ability to pay.

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