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News like this only gives me pause because I really wish there was a way to count on it. I would change if I thought it would prevent *me* from getting breast cancer, that is. But it's just to hard for me to believe it would make a difference. My mother, a strict vegetarian from the age of 13, was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer when she was 42.

Yikes. I'm so sorry to hear that. Seems like there are always those who live incredibly healthy lives and get sick...and those who lead lives of wanton self-destruction and remain unscathed. Have to believe those are exceptions, some unfortunate and some fortunate.

coffee causes X disease. coffee helps x condition. butter is bad. butter is good. wine is bad. wine is good. wait a week or so and another study will talk about the positive effects of red meat.

get off your vegan high soy horse.

Dave: don't get why you're being so hostile.

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