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Oh Elisa, you have no idea! If you want to learn more about this, talk to someone who has Type 1 diabetes.

Amy! I'm sure it's a) very critical for a diabetic to watch their timing and b) a big hassle sometimes. I can only imagine.

My S.O. always asks me if I need to eat or drink when I'm cranky, and I usually do. But there's a lot more than crankiness at stake for a lot of people.

i think blogging is my worst habit, bad for the back and circulation :)

I'd like to ask a quick favor. I deleted my old blog, and somehow a sleazy company set up a new one immediately using my now defunct URL. They are selling a potentially dangerous drug called phentermine from my old site. If you'd be so kind please change your blogroll to http://scienceblogs.com/drcharles or just delete me. Thank you very much. I'll be contacting Blogger about this as well.

I think it is important to look at all of our environments and what is safe and unsafe. It is important to look at the toxins in our home more now than ever.

Thanks for giving me the heads up Dr. Charles. I've changed the link.

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