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Leavitt uses his blogging to promote propaganda as science, and it's dangerous to the public's health. I blogged about it (a comprehensive look is at the link at my name)


Thanks Annie, that is certainly a long, substantive post itself!

I disagree with everything this guy believes, no doubt, and yes, his political agenda is often right out there front and center.

I still find the stories about real people and communities interesting...I just tend to skip his 5-part blog series on justifying why and how to kill Medicare, you know?


Thanks for giving my posts a look. Sorry about their length. I get started, and well....

What I think is being lost is that Leavitt's blog is a propaganda tool, totally funded by us! Ogilvy, the HHS PR firm, is also working against us with our $$ paying for that disinformation.

Of course, Leavitt appears personable - all con artists are personable and are usually terrific story tellers.

Leavitt is dangerous - to the public health and to our individual health.

It's kind of like eating contaminated food that tastes wonderful. The flavor masks the poison, and in the end, both the propaganda and the tainted food are sickening.

So don't give him points for blogging and being personable. He and the Dept. of Health and Human Services are failing all of us with unsound policy which undermines science and leads to preventable suffering and preventable deaths.

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