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It makes me queasy. Really queasy.

Glad it's not just me. Seriously.

Hmm...I personally think it's funny and want one next time I give or receive blood. For children? Depends on the kid, I guess.

I might put a little opaque face on it, so it doesn't look so weak and drained once the head is empty.

Doesn't the blood pool in the 'arms' and the leg that's not attached to the tube? Maybe the nurse is supposed to shake it frequently? I don't think the entertainment value to kids would justify the cost and hassle to use such a bag, especially if it might introduce problems.

I think most kids would be either indifferent or a little freaked out by the sight of that (hanging as if by the neck...) blood-filled "bear" bag. Whose idea was it to try to make blood transfusions cute anyway?

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