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if you are very deficient it can take a while to get your levels up. Take a look at www.vitaminD3world.com for some good summaries of the data. The site also offers a good newsletter

Thanks for the tip, Mike, I'll check it out.

It is true that sunlight is a good source of Vitamin D but you have to remember that by exposing yourself to the sun rays you would get more of the harmful rays. I think you should take suggestion from your doctor how to fulfill this deficiency.

Good tips ... it hadn't occurred to me either that the surface area of the face isn't large enough to be a major source. I do use sunscreen there as I burn easily.

About 3 months I began to take Vitamin D3 supplements in liquid form and it seems to have good effects. My energy level has been up and it seems that my resistance to c0lds and flu is also better.

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