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Yeah, he's right on. We've got to step up and be tough. This issue is too important to fall by the wayside.

I think that the current discussions about healthcare are shortsighted. They do not look to the future.

Healthcare initiatives to date have focussed on providing healthcare to the needy. This is good. But what about addressing the prevention of ill health. Poor personal health practices is responsible for creating the need to address healthcare at this time.

It is said that it is better to teach a starving man how to fish than it is to give him fish to eat.

Much has been written about the obesity epidemic. Obesity, of course, leads to ill health and exacerbates the need to address healthcare.

Why is noone talking about educating children in the subjects of fitness and nutrition in schools? Doing so would contribute to improved health in future generations and therefore diminishing pressure on the
healthcare system in the future.

In the meantime, a way needs to be found to educate the current generation in these matters . Information similar to that which is contained in the article about
Fat Burning Diet needs to be taught to the general population.

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