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enjoyed the post... i honestly didn't know that planned parenthood provided so many other fuctions

I agree with Allison, I didn't know that Planned Parenthood provided so many functions.

An interesting post. I think Planned Parenthood helps most women who do not make enough money to afford sophisticated health care. It is good to know that Planned Parenthood provides diverse services such as screening for breast, cervical and testicular cancers, testing and treatment for STDs and sexuality education.

Thoroughly enjoyed the post. I understand the difficultly in accessing to health care services when you do not make enough money or you do not work for an employer who does not provide health care, having seen so many people going through this.

As if insurance companies don't make enough money, Anthem Blue Cross was actually going to charge people to make payments on credit cards! Does it get any more ridiculous than that?

Yes, parenthood should be planned. You should be mentally prepared to become a parent for better looking after of your child. There are also several other reasons why parenthood should be planned e.g. economic reason.
I planned for three years before deciding on having a baby.

This is so much like my story. The only thing I'll add is that I actually got married and didn't have health insurance yet! I was looking for a job and my husband was working toward passing the Bar! Planned Parenthood saved us.. for almost a year. My husband even went with me the first time around, like a doctor's office visit. I had my exam, had some tests, and got my birth control pills. What a blessing PP was for us!! So many people don't have a clue what Planned Parenthood is really good for... nor how it could benefit their lives. Let's not forget the purpose of this post.

I am really thankful for this post. I am a graduate student and right now I am enjoin my student health insurance but I am planning to graduate soon and don't have any job offer. I was really worry about losing my insurance but, now that I now all that PP offers I am more relaxed.

Planned Parenthood is an excellent resource that I only wish would get used more often. Yes they perform abortions, but they also perform many other healthcare services that is necessary for women. I hate that there's controversy around the company, especially when it's nothing but beneficial.

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